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Palm Beach Gardens Dentist Providing Root Canal Therapy

Relieve Tooth Infections with Endodontic Dentistry

When you hear that you need root canal therapy, you may feel intimidated. Root canal therapy has gained a bad reputation through the years as one of the most unpleasant dental care procedures you’ll ever have to face. But while we hope you never experience the tooth infection that requires root canal therapy, we want you to know that it’s not the terrible treatment it’s been made out to be. With modern techniques and the help of sedation dentistry, root canal therapy can be a relatively comfortable. Why would you want to undergo root canal therapy at the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida dental office of Dr. William Ma? Endodontic care can prevent you from losing a diseased tooth, and conserving your natural tooth structures whenever possible is always best for your smile.

Teeth have multiple layers: the enamel that you see on the outside, an underlying layer of sensitive dentin, and a nerve (or pulp) housed inside canals. Through the canals in the tooth’s root, the nerve brings nourishment to and removes waste from the living tooth. A deep cavity, fracture, or other injury can compromise the health of the nerve. When the nerve is irreparably damaged, infection sets in and causes pressure and pain. The patient has two options at this point. One is to remove the internal infection, and the other is to remove the tooth and, for the best results, replace it. Root canal therapy is the former choice, and this method of treating problems with the pulp is preferred whenever possible.

Root canal therapy involves removing the infected pulp and replacing it with man made material. Once Dr. Ma has gone into your tooth, removed the pulp, cleaned the root canal, and filled the chambers, the tooth is capped with a crown. The crown provides extra strength for the tooth structure that has been compromised by the infection and root canal therapy treatment.

If you would like to visit a dentist who believes in performing the most conservative dental care possible, visit Dr. William Ma in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Our office, which is convenient to North and West Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Jupiter, and Lake Park, is focused on medically sound, quality dental care, providing treatments such as root canal therapy to help you hang on to your healthy smile whenever possible. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of tooth infection – increased sensitivity and chronic tooth pain are the most commonly noticed symptoms – contact us to make an appointment and find out if you might need root canal therapy.