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Cosmetic Dentures in Palm Beach Gardens

Replace Missing Teeth with Partial, Full or Implant-Retained Dentures

Dentures are the longest known form of tooth replacement, but this doesn’t mean they haven’t evolved over the years. Dr. William Ma in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida offers cosmetic dentures because there’s no reason that your tooth replacement shouldn’t be attractive and satisfying. Missing teeth damage your smile’s function and appearance, making it hard to perform even the most basic tasks like eating and speaking. With cosmetic dentures, we can restore your smile’s function, and we can do so beautifully.

Cosmetic dentures are designed to really fill out your face and make sure the muscles don’t sag and droop. One common complaint of denture wearers is that they experience more wrinkles and facial sag after they’ve begun wearing dentures. However, Dr. Ma brings his experience with cosmetic dentistry into his restorative dental work by offering cosmetic dentures to prevent this problem. Dentures replace all of your teeth, while partial dentures replace some teeth. We can create cosmetic dentures and implant-retained dentures to offer you a better denture wearing experience. With cosmetic dentures, you can eat and speak with confidence, and you can feel great about the look of your smile as well.

Missing teeth cause lots of problems, so don’t ignore the issue. If you’ve lost all of the teeth along an arch or need to have them all extracted, odds are you won’t. But even if you’ve only lost one tooth, exploring tooth replacement is key. We can craft a partial denture for you if you still have remaining healthy teeth. With cosmetic dentures and partial dentures, patients report improved quality of life and greater satisfaction with their smiles. You can have the same experience with help from dentist Dr. William Ma in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Don’t ignore your oral health. Contact us to discuss cosmetic dentures and other forms of tooth replacement available at our Palm Beach Gardens dental office. Patients from North and West Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Jupiter, Lake Park, and surrounding areas can schedule a denture consultation with Dr. Ma to explore the possibility of enhanced treatment with cosmetic dentures. For those who prefer, we also offer crown and bridgework, so know that you have lots of options at our office.