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CEREC One-Visit Crowns in Palm Beach Gardens

Same Day Dental Restorations

If you’ve ever had a dental crown placed, you know that the process can be uncomfortable, drawn out, and inconvenient. Dr. Ma has transformed the way our patients feel about dental crowns. With CEREC technology, he will digitally design, then mill and place your custom porcelain crown in just one visit to our Palm Beach Gardens dental office.

CEREC is an innovative tool that incorporates 3D imaging software for digital impressions. Traditional impressions involve messy material with an undesirable taste. For some patients, impressions are very difficult because of a sensitive gag reflex. In addition to digital technology, CEREC one uses an in-office milling unit and many shades of durable, esthetic ceramic blocks to fabricate custom crowns and fillings in about an hour. This fast process means that you will not wear a temporary crown, and a second visit isn’t required for placement.

CEREC one-visit crowns are great for patients who enjoy convenience as well as quality – which is most patients. Everyone is so busy these days that the thought of making two trips to the dentist might actually be keeping you from making that appointment for a much needed crown. But what if you could have the entire process completed in just one visit? That’s the magic of CEREC one-visit crowns. Patients who’ve been putting off dental restorations have finally found the treatment they need at the office of Dr. William Ma in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Benefits of CEREC one-visit crowns include:

  • Strong porcelain dental restorations
  • Custom fit with digital impressions
  • Variety of shades for a great match
  • A single visit for improved convenience
  • No need for temporary crowns between visits
  • Natural-looking dental restorations

The same technology that creates CEREC one-visit crowns can also create porcelain inlays and onlays, making this technology versatile and giving you lots of options for your restorative dentistry treatment. As technology improves, so does your dental care from Dr. William Ma.

If you’ve been suffering with a broken, fractured, or chipped tooth, you no longer have to go without the treatment you need simply because you don’t have the time. Contact us to make an appointment at our Palm Beach Gardens dental office to have your custom CEREC one-visit crown created and placed soon. If you’re from North or West Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Jupiter, or Lake Park, come see Dr. William Ma and experience the excellence.